Apple chief operating officer confirmed that iPod marketshare remains dominant across most territories during last night's financial results announcement.

He confirmed the device continues to maintain a 70 per cent hold of the US market for MP3 players, but added: “We’re doing very well outside the U.S. We’re now over 60 per cent in Australia and Canada.”

Cook also confirmed a 50 per cent hold on the market in Japan and Hong Kong, and added that marketshare is now, “in the 40-50 per cent range in the UK, Switzerland, Singapore, and Denmark. We hit a high in Germany of 28 per cent in the most recent numbers."

Apple continues to face challenges developing its hold on the Japanese market across all its product categories.

"Japan is literally the only market in the world that we’re not doing well in, and it is very frustrating," he said.

The company sold 10,549,000 iPods globally during its second financial quarter, accounting for $1.689 billion in revenue. iPods and other music products were 44 per cent of revenue; up 24 per cent, year-on-year. It's 'Other Music Related Products and Services' category (which includes iTunes Store sales) added $653 million in revenue, up 35 per cent.

iTunes now has over 5 million songs, 350 TV shows, and 500 movies and accounts for 85 per cent of legal music downloads in the US.