Apple's star continues to rise, following positive comments from several analysts and the successful resolution of the iPhone trademark spat with Cisco.

Analysts at Prudential, Deutsche Bank, Bear Sterns and Yankee Group all offered upbeat analysis on the company.

Apple stock is up $0.40 on pre-market trades this morning, valued at $89.60 per share. The stock opened at $86.25 yesterday morning.

Prudential analyst Jesse Tortora expects strong Mac sales in Apple's current quarter, he said yesterday. Sales of MacBook and iMac computers will "more than offset" any seasonal weakness in iPod sales, he said.

He also observed that Apple expects to sell the most iPhones through its retail stores, is looking for strategic acquisitions and doesn't plan to enter into new product categories "for a while".

As reported yesterday, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitemore thinks Apple could grab up to 30 per cent of the set-top box market with its Apple TV, adding a theoretical $7 billion to company revenue.

And Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff also offered positive analysis on Apple's iPhone and Apple TV plans, saying they changed the company's outlook "for the better".

Neff expects Apple to operate in four distinct markets for the time being: "computers, mobile phones, music and possibly video," Forbes reports.

Finally in the last 24 hours, Yankee Group analyst Zeus Kerravala offered positive comment on the iPhone deal announced between Apple and Cisco. The deal — which ties both partners to exploring opportunities for "interoperability", could yield positive fruit for both firms, he said.

”If the two actually can work together, then the combination of the two is obviously more powerful than the two butting heads,” he told Associated Press. ”There’s no company out there that understands network service like Cisco. And you could argue no other company understands user experience like Apple.”