With the Apple Store down, it looks like Apple may be about to start pre orders for the iPhone 5c. UPDATE: Apple Store is back online and pre-orders for the new iPhone 5c have begun.

The iPhone 5c was the first iPhone to be unveiled at the 10 September event. There are five colours for the new iPhone 5C. Green, white, blue, red and yellow. 

We knew that you would be able to pre-order an iPhone 5c starting on Friday 13 September; the 5c will actually be available on September 20. The iPhone 5s will also be available on September 20, but Apple isn’t taking pre-orders for that model. These dates apply to the UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and the US.

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You may prefer for the UK networks to announce on contract pricing, we are adding details to this story as we get them: iPhone 5c pricing and tariffs: how much does Apple's iPhone 5c cost on UK contract?

It's also possible that Apple could announce some news abotu the Mac Pro today. With IBC set to kick off in the Netherlands it could be a prime opportunity for Apple to make an announcement about the new pro Mac. (Update: No new Mac Pro now that the Apple Store is back online).

The new Mac Pro may get a mention. Following the Intel Developers Forum a lot of companies are now talking about the processor being used in the Mac Pro. We've even benchmarked the processor here in our Mac Pro preview. 

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We've heard that there might be a new model of the Apple TV in the pipeline. We doubt that there will be a major hardware update - and definitely don't expect to see an actual TV - but we do expect that Apple will have something to announced with regards the Apple TV software. Maybe some more deals with content providers. Top of our wish list is a dedicated iPlayer app on the Apple TV.

How about a date for Mac OS X MavericksWe expect that Apple will role out OS X Mavericks soon, but according to reports it won't coincide with the launch of the new iPhones.  Mountain Lion launched on 25 July 2012, but it was first previewed five months earlier in February that year. Apple previewed Mavericks in June, so we could be waiting until November to see the new version.

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