Apple has closed its online store. This is typically used by Apple to herald the arrival of a new product, although rumours don't point to a major new product launch at the moment.

It seems too early for the iPad 3 or rumoured Apple Television (both of which would probably get announced at an event first).

It should be noted that the Macworld Expo is currently taking place, and Apple used to traditionally launch major products at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. It may not be demonstrating product range at the Expo but Apple may have decided to return to a launch at this time of year.

Apple could be launching an upgrade to its Mac range, or new software. We will keep an eye on the store and let you know what is revealed.

UPDATE 0830GMT: The Apple Store is back online, but there are no new or updated products to be seen. What is new, however, is a Valentine's Day Gift Guide. That would appear to be the extent of the changes so far but we'll keep looking and let you know if we find anything else.