Apple's five US flagship retail stores contributed 13 per cent of the company's total retail revenues in its current quarter, AppleInsider reports.

The report claims the five stores contributed over $105 million to the $810 million in total sales generated by the company's US retail arm.

The relatively new store on Fifth Avenue in New York City comes in for particular note. Apple has been selling five Macs an hour and an iPod every two minutes in that store alone, the report claims.

Apple's other outlet in downtown SoHo NYC and its shops in LA, San Francisco and Chicago also generated positive results, adding $63 million to Apple revenues, the report informs.

The five US stores sold 30,000 Macs and 127,000 iPods in the quarter, the report adds, with the Fifth Avenue store selling five times as many iPods as computers.

The report (penned by Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore) also claims Apple has plans for "at least four" more major shops, in Sydney (Australia), Glasgow (Scotland), Boston (Mass.), and one more in Manhattan (New York).