Apple Store Leeds

Apple is planning to open a new Apple Store in Leeds, UK this Thursday and is advertising jobs for further store openings in the UK and Germany.

The new UK store is set to open in Trinity Leeds shopping centre, at 10 am GMT. An announcement on the Apple Retail website offers contact details, driving directions and a map.

Apple often gives away free gifts and exclusive items at store openings, so it's worth popping along if you're thinking of buying a new Apple product and want to see a grand opening.

Website TechnoDaily claims that Apple will be giving away 1,000 T-shirts to the first customers that walk through the doors.

The Apple Retail webpage is advertising new positions including Market Leader, Store Leader, and Manager positions. A list of positions at Apple Retail is available here

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced plans to open 30 new Apple Stores in 2013, mostly in locations outside the United States. Cook said, of the Apple Stores "I don’t have very many bad days. But if i ever feel I’m dropping down from an excited level, I go in a store and it instantly changes. It’s like a Prozac. It’s a feeling like no other."

Cook also mentioned that Apple plans to move 20 stores to larger locations. "I don’t think we would have been nearly as successful with iPad if it weren’t for our stores." said Cook, "it gives Apple an incredible competitive advantage. Others have found out it’s not so easy to replicate. We’re going to continue to invest like crazy. The average store last year was over 50 million in revenue."

it is estimated that Apple Retail Stores are the most successful shops on the high street, pulling in 17 times more sales per square feet than the average retailer.

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