The opening of a new Stormfront store in York this weekend was greeted by crowds of enthusiastic Apple fans.

Stormfront is an Apple Premium Reseller and was appointed an Apple Solution Expert in Education in 2010. The new store opened at 11am on Saturday and according to Stormfront's James Collard "the store was full within seconds of opening and remained busy all weekend".

"Of course the number one product everyone wanted to get their hands on was the iPad and we had good supply for the launch plus extra to cover for the demand during our first opening week," Collard told Macworld.

"From Stormfront's perspective we are really excited to be in York. It's a fantastic city and a store we very much enjoyed being able to open," he continued.

The company also runs a 'personaltrainer' programme, where members can book an unlimited number of sessions with dedicated in-store trainers for £79 per year. There are now over 130 courses to choose and you don't have to have bought your Mac from the company.

Stormfront  was established in November 2007 with the launch its first Apple Premium Reseller store in Plymouth. The York store is Stormfront's tenth Apple retail outlet and its first store in the north of England.

Stormfront's York store is located at 18 - 20 Spurriergate, YO1 9QR.