Apple's flagship UK Regent Street store achieved a major milestone today - greeting its ten millionth visitor since it opened in November 2004.

The shopper, a Michal Revivo, got more than she bargained for when she walked into the store.

Store staff - who had been waiting for the ten millionth visitor all morning - moved in to surround the visitor to begin applauding her arrival.

At the same time, Revivo was handed a special store prize, a random moment guaranteed to make her day. Apple gave her a black MacBook, an iPod nano and a One-to-One personal training membership.

Growing customer demand for Apple products and the company's in-store services led the company to remodel the store in December 2006. It added 10,000-square feet of shopping space and increased the number of products available for customers to try by 75 per cent.

Over 220 million people on three continents have visited Apple's retail stores since they opened in May 2001. The company now operates 197 stores, with eleven in the UK, seven stores in Japan, four in Canada and one in Italy

Apple Retail stores saw 21.9 million visitors and with an average 180 stores open during the last calendar quarter, an average of 9,000 visitors per store per week.