Apple has been struck by yet another patent infringement lawsuit pertaining to the iPod and iTunes.

This iTunes lawsuit comes from ZapMedia Services. The company claims Apple's iTunes and iPod infringe on a patent (filed in 2000, secured in 2006) for a "platform and vision for the enjoyment of digital media assets."

The patented technologies are related to media library database server application that manages access (to) a master library of media assets that can be accessed by users via one or more communication networks.

The lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The company is claiming damages, saying Apple was aware of its patent but continued to infringe against it in a "manner that is objectively reckless"

"When someone takes our vision and our intellectual property without a license after several attempts, we have no option but to protect it through every means available to us," Robert Frohwein, ZapMedia's general counsel, said in a statement.