Apple has been hit with a US class action suit on strength of claims the company made "false claims" about MacBook and MacBook Pro displays.

Lawyers at Peter Polischuk and Robert Dreher filed the action, which claims that Apple said its displays offer better-quality displays than found in other portables.

The plaintiffs are countering that rather than the superior experience promised, the screens are prone to flaws such as "grainy" or "sparkly" image quality, banding in gradients, and other visual flaws.

The lawsuit says Apple rejected complaints about screen quality, refused to replace or refund users complaining of the problem, and deleted messages voicing these grievances from its support website.

The class action demands that Apple provide relief, cease selling defective laptops and should: "Resolve the past, present and future issues that (the) misrepresentation inherent defect (sp) has created concerning MacBooks already sold."