As reported last month, Apple has filed a lawsuit accusing battery-maker Sanho of patent-infringement. Specifically for violating a set of six patents that cover the magnetic connector called MagSafe used for Apple's computers since 2006.

Sanho sold the batteries, and power cables under its brand name HyperMac, via its online shop and, has an announcement on its website saying that the power cables will not be sold after 2 November.

The company will continue to sell the batteries after this date, although they will be useless for use with a Mac without the associated cables. One of the selling points for the external batteries was that the cable worked with MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. Although the company says it is still in negotiations with Apple over the patent infringement suit, neither they nor Apple wanted to comment.

If Sanho can prove that it used Apple-manufactured and licensed parts Apple may find it difficult to prove infringement of its patents.

According to the IB Times: "Apple will have a harder time proving patent infringement if Sanho can show it used Apple-manufactured and licensed parts, even if they were bought from a third party. Conversely, if Sanho was manufacturing the connectors without a license, then it could face millions in damages."

Macworld has reviewed Sanho's HyperMac products and found them to be good, useful, products that will significantly increase the battery life of an iPhone or other Apple gadget.