Apple is in talks with Immersion Corporation to license Haptic Technology for the iPhone, reports claim.

This technology enhances the user interface by introducing sensations of force, vibration or motion to the user, it's the kind of technology used within force feedback controllers within console games (which also use Immersion's Haptic Technology, in most cases).

A report now claims a series of meetings between Apple and the touch technology firm have been taking place with a view to licensing and implementing such technologies in the iPhone.

Apple competitor Nokia has already licensed the technology for use in some of its devices. In 2002, Immersion and Apple enabled force feedback game controller support in Mac OS X.

There's a strong link between Apple and Immersion; Immersion last week announced the appointment of former Apple executive Clent Richardson as Immersion's president and CEO.

Richardson was once the leader of Apple's "evangelism" group, and also worked at Apple as vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, where he reported to Steve Jobs.