Apple is said to be considering a deal that would see it stream major movie studio content to its devices, including, possibly, the Apple smart television.

Reports suggest that Apple is talking to EPIX, a company that streams content from major studios Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount.

A Reuters source said that the discussions apply to Apple’s Apple TV set-top box and also to ‘upcoming devices’ that stream content, taken by some to indicate Apple’s smart television (often referred to as iTV or iPanel).  

Apple unsuccessfully tried last year to secure agreements with Hollywood studios for movies and TV shows that it could fashion into its own version of a TV service, according to studio executives who were contacted by Reuters.

A potential issue could be EPIX's agreement with Netflix, which currently has exclusive rights to stream EPIX movies in the US. The Netflix/EPIX $200 million deal is up for renewal in September.

Netflix currently provides access to movies for Apple TV customers in the US and UK. EPIX is not currently available in the UK.