Apple UK has published another in its series of education profiles, this time looking at the use of Macs at New Rush School in Essex.

Almost entirely Mac-based, New Rush is a school for kids with behavioural, emotional or social difficulties. It aims to help children control their behaviour and to return them to learning - and Apple technologies are helping the school achieve results.

The technologies help the children find creative ways of self-expression. Each child and staff member has a Mac notebook. Classrooms have inteactive White Boards, and iPods are also used within the teaching syllabus.

Head teacher John d'Abbro explains: "Apple's digital technology is proving to be such a wonderful aid to teaching and learning in our school. It encourages even those with the most severe problems to express themselves better and helps raise their self-esteem so that they want to go on and achieve even more."

The report details numerous instances in which troubled children have been able to use digital technologies in creative ways which ultimately lead them toward honest self-expression.

Such communication helps teachers help the children. The technology also boosts team work, attendance, interest, and builds self esteem, the report observes.

"At New Rush Hall School we believe every child has a right to achievement," d'Abbro explains.