Apple will be the world's first company to achieve a trillion dollar market value - and the event will happen within five years, a leading investor said today.

Daedalus Capital president Stephen Coleman makes these claims in a commentary on Apple's stock performance across the last three years, available on the Seeking Alpha investment website.

Pointing to Apple's long-standing "culture of innovation" and its relatively unblemished product introduction record, Coleman also observes: "Apple is old enough and big enough to compete with any other company in the world."

He praises the company's consistent vision and focus on the user experience, and echoes recent comment from Piper Jaffray when he predicts the stock will reach $200 per share this year.

Coleman has a reason for his bullishness: He invested in the stock in February 2004 when it was worth just $11.19 per share.

He anticipates strong sales across Apple's 2007 product collection, predicting 60 million iPod sales and 12 million Macs will shift this year. Strong sales in retail stores and powerful performance on the part of iTunes; the Apple TV, iPhone and Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' are also cited as catalysts for company performance.

"The right product can transform a company," Coleman notes. "I truly believe that Apple will be the first company to achieve a market cap of one trillion dollars," he reports.