Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg praises the Apple TV in his regular column this week.

"The race to connect your TV to your computer and the internet is about to kick into high gear this week when Apple, the company many believe is best positioned to pull off this feat, introduces a slender, wireless set-top box called Apple TV," the review begins.

While the full review is only available to subscribers, he notes the device as a simple solution for media-savvy computer users to employ in order to "show on their big TVs all that stuff trapped on their computers."

Not that the device is without limitations. According to Mossberg, the Apple TV can't yet download media directly from the internet or iTunes, and while Apple did not confirm it, the columnist believes such features will be introduced in future.

The review does note that Apple TV can be used to preview short clips of songs, TV shows and movies directly from the iTunes Store.

Mossberg tested the Apple TV with three Macs and three PCs using an older (non-802.11n) wireless network. His review notes that in tests he encountered no stuttering on streaming movies.

Mossbers concludes: “it’s a beautifully designed, easy-to-use product that should be very attractive to people with widescreen TV sets and lots of music, videos, and photos stored on computers. It has some notable limitations, but we really liked it. It is classic Apple: simple and elegant.”