Apple executives have been talking up the company's vision of the future of TV with several large media organisations, it has been claimed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sources close to these discussions have said that Apple had talked about voice- and movement-controlled television sets.

However, what Apple isn't currently revealing is any specific information about the types of device it is working on, nor the kinds of services it will have available. Apple also hasn't apparently made any moves to licence any specific content for its planned products. 

One thing it has mentioned, though, is a service that would let you watch a piece of content on one device, such as a TV set, then pick up a smaller, mobile device and continue to watch the same content seamlessly while on the move. 

Some sources that the Wall Street Journal talked to believe that any smart TV that Apple is working on would utilise AirPlay technology so it could be controlled with an iPad or iPhone, with most content stored in the cloud. 

Apple's smart TV project - what we (think we) know so far

However, a report issued today by YouGov suggests that there would be little interest in an Apple smart TV here in the UK, with only 15 percent of the population planning to invest in an internet-connected television set in the next 12 months.