It's unlikely that the first iteration of Apple TV will disrupt the living room, according to analysts.

However, Apple’s strategy to get into the living room may eventually prove successful because it matches people’s viewing habits better than other company’s plans.

A Cnet report surmises that it will take time for the Apple TV to gain ground in the living room because people are used to watching TV shows on the day they air, or recording shows on digital video recorders or standard VCRs.

These traditions, and the lack of content, are why other companies have failed with their media centres and living-room entertainment PCs, suggests the report.

Motorola senior director of connected home solutions Jeff Binder said: “Apple TV is a glimpse of where we're heading in the future, but it's not compatible with the existing infrastructure for the vast majority of consumers out there.”

However, Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore points out that the Apple TV is more of a replacement for a DVD player.

Rather than encouraging consumers to purchase a PC for the living room, Apple has packaged the concept of “hundreds of TV shows and movies” in its $299 box.