Internet reports of shipping delays for Apple's revamped Apple TV turned out to not be worth the virtual paper they were printed on. Customers who've ordered Apple's set-top box have begun receiving email notifications that their devices are on the way.

Apple unveiled a sleeker Apple TV at the start of September, with Steve Jobs telling reporters at a 1 September music event that the device would ship in four weeks' time.

Last week, however, some Internet sites reported that the Apple TV wouldn't arrive until mid-October, using an email from Apple (and some flimsy logic) to make their case. The e-mail offered to refund expedited shipping for some Apple TV pre-orders--a not-unprecedented practice by Apple.

Cut to Monday, when early Apple TV adopters around the Internet, including several Macworld (US) contributors, received email confirmations that indeed their Apple TVs had shipped. One contributor's confirmation email promises delivery by 1 October, although FedEx's estimate actually predicts that the Apple TV will arrive one day sooner - on 30 September.

Apple TV

According to the UK Apple Store, the £99 device: "Ships: 2-3 weeks."

"Today we can confirm that Apple is shipping their TV device to UK customers, we have received confirmation that said “We expect your order to be delivered to your shipping address on or before 08/10/2010,"" Daniel Chubb at PR News notes.

"While it’s great to get the shipment notification, the 2-week wait for delivery is certainly a surprise. Having waited 4 weeks already, it seems we will have to wait another 2 weeks."

The new Apple TV, you'll recall, is smaller, blacker, and hard drive-less compared to its predecessor, relying on renting and streaming to watch the TV shows and movies you crave. We'll have a detailed first look at the device as soon as it arrives in our office--on schedule, as it turns out.