The Apple TV seems set to succeed, survey-based research claims.

Financial site Seeking Alpha polled 228 consumer electronics industry pros to reach its conclusion on Apple's front room media streaming device.

The poll revealed that the industry expects a wave of convergence products aimed at the front room, and that 43 per cent of those surveyed expect Apple to capitalise on its iPod/Mac status to become "media centre manufacturer with the highest chance of market acceptance".

And 16 per cent of survey respondents believe the Apple TV will "very likely" be a "huge" success. An additional 48 per cent of souls surveyed reckon Apple TV is "somewhat likely" to prove a "huge" success.

28 per cent of those surveyed believe Apple to be the most likely change agent for converged devices.

“Apple understands the biggest impediment to adoption is that people hate complexity, they just want to plug in and play," one survey respondent said.