Why can't iChat and iMessage just get along? Maybe some day. Apple has, however, tweaked the App Store on the iPad--which, incidentally, is on a ton of people's holiday wish list--but it's also pulled its very own iOS game.

iOS code hints iChat functionality coming to mobile (TUAW)

Once again, rumors of iMessage and iChat interoperability run rampant, thanks to folks poking around in iOS source code. I say we put all these exploratory hackers to a more productive use, like having them find crazy easter eggs in video games.

Apple's Minor Tweak To iPad App Store Improves Navigation (MacStories)

Apple has updated the way you browse the App Store on the iPad, replacing arrow page buttons with swipe-able lists. The pervasive menace continues unabated: Just wait until your kid tries to swipe through bottles of milk at the grocery store.

coffee time: market share vs profit (Minimally Minimal)

Apple may ship a lot of products, but Samsung ships a lot of products. Just scroll down for photos of the iPhone line compared to Samsung's handsets. I'm just saying it's a good thing that Samsung phones don't routinely commit criminal acts, because who'd be able to pick one out of a line-up?

Apple iPad tops our survey's hot-gift list (Consumer Reports)

Maybe all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth, but according to Consumer Reports, a bunch of people are looking for an iPad this holiday season. I wonder if Santa can get a discount for ordering in bulk.

Apple Removes 'Texas Hold'em', its Only iOS Game, from App Store (MacRumors)

Apple's one iPhone game, Texas Hold'em, has been removed from the App Store. Hey, what can I say: That approval process can be rough.

Product News:

Xcode 4.2.1 - Apple's updated its development tool to version 4.2.1, fixing a problem with the Convert to Objective-C ARC operation, an issue where no visible developer profiles would appear in the Organizer, and a bug where the locked file dialog would appear in the documentation window. Free.

Apple TV 4.4.3 - The latest update to Apple's set-top box adds support for Netflix in Mexico and fixes a problem where audio wouldn't play through the optical port when an attached TV was off. Free.

Flipboard 1.6 - iPad magazine-like aggregator Flipboard now makes the app easier to use for folks who share a single iPad. New in version 1.6, Flipboard accounts let you save your favorite content sources under your own username and password; iPad sharers can switch to their own accounts if they'd rather see more Rolling Stone and less Time. The update also adds support for Tumblr and 500px. Free.