Apple will this month host a series of workshops at its Regent Street Store, showing musicians how they can best promote their music.

Four seminars are being offered covering the gamut of promotion and communications, including documents, presentations, websites, blogging, podcasting and community-focused visuals.

Details of each event follow:

Promote Your Music: Producing Documents and Presentations
This event will show musicans how to use iWork to create business documents, promotional materials and presentations. This talk takes place on 11 May at 7pm.

Promote Your Music: Creating Web Sites with iWeb
Musicians will learn how to use iWeb to create their own websites, incorporating images, films and music. They'll also learn how to connect their sites with MySpace. 18 May 7pm.

Promote Your Music: Create Blogs and Podcasts with iWeb
"With iWeb, it’s easy to incorporate photo blogs to keep your fans up to date. Want to share a performance? You can create and update your podcast, enhanced podcast or video podcast with GarageBand, iMovie and iWeb," says Apple. 25 May, 7pm.

Promote Your Music: Reach Your Fans with Photos and Movies
Apple will show musicians how to import, organise, enhance and share images with fans using iPhoto. They'll also learn the elements of iMovie and how to load such assets onto their websites. 1 June, 7pm.