Apple is inviting UK media to a special event at its flagship London store on Regents Street next week.

The event invitation proclaims: "Mum is no longer the word", and asks media and analysts to turn up at 10am, Tuesday 18 September, for a press conference.

Apple event invite

The event is already drawing speculation. Although the cryptic "mum is no longer the word" message remains mysterious (Apple PR is simply commenting that: "mum's the word until the 18th") the general consensus is that it's the UK launch of the iPhone. Macworld's editor Mark Hattersley said: "it's a UK-specific event and we know the iPhone is due to be launched in the UK, so that's the most likely scenario."

However, it could be simply an announcement regarding the UK operator for the iPhone. Or Apple could be launching an extended television or film service in the UK. The company could also be ready to add Beatles to iTunes, although the general consensus is that these scenarios would involve either a world-wide announcement, or a different venue to the Apple store.

What is occurring remains a puzzle, but the event is bound to drive speculation across the industry. Macworld will be reporting live from the event.