Lenovo unveiled a family of 3 10.1 inch tablet computers this week, including two that run android 3.1 and one that runs windows 7. The Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 is expected to be available in the U.S. in August.

The two Android machines are dubbed the IdeaPad Tablet K1 for consumers and the ThinkPad Tablet for business users. The 32GB version of the K1 with Wi-Fi can be ordered online this week for $500, but won't be generally available in the U.S. until sometime in August. Availability will follow later for the rest of the world. The 16GB ThinkPad Tablet with Wi-Fi sells for $479 or for $509 with an optional digitizer touch pen. A 3G wireless version will be available "at a later date," Lenovo said.  The Windows-based tablet, dubbed the IdeaPad Tablet P1, also uses Wi-Fi and will be available in the fourth quarter. Pricing has not been announced.

Space Shuttle Atlantis rolled to a stop at 5:57 Thursday morning marking the end of NASA's shuttle program. On its last trip Atlantis spent 13 days in space and carried equipment, supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station. Since it was first flown in 1981, Atlantis has flown more than 125 million miles. More than 300 people from 16 counties flew on the shuttle.

Apple launched its Lion operating system Wednesday.  The desktop OS is the next major release of OS X and boasts over 250 new features including, multi-touch gestures, full screen apps, and fast file sharing called AirDrop.  Lion needs several requirements in order to be downloaded, including Leopard.  Lion will only be available for  download from the Mac App Store and is priced at $30 (£20.99 in the UK).  

Microsoft is apparently staffing a secret Windows Phone project. A job description on the company's website is looking for a software development engineer in test with the description reading "we are a team working on a top secret project inside the Windows Phone division. Our mission, go big, disrupt the market." The advertisement says the project involves the first version of a new feature set and the group will complete planning for the features in a month.

Our colleagues at Network World got a chance to take a close look at the new Sonos Play 3, a $300 wireless music player that can play songs from your own library, but also from multiple music services. Most recently it's added support in the US for Spotify. Let's take a look.

So here I have the iPad controller where you can browse through the music services or drag into queue some of the content. What I have loaded up is the Kaiserchiefs and we're going to be listening to this from Spotify on the Play3.

On the back of the device is a power cable, an Ethernet jack though you can also use wireless and a threaded wall mount. If you have multiple Play 3s the units automatically make a mesh network to communicate among themselves, making it more reliable than  your home's wifi network. You can also position the speaker horizontally or vertically and the unit will reset the equalizer based on its position. The Play 3 is on sale now.

Nissan is expanding the US availability of its Leaf, what it touts as the first 100 percent mass market electric car. The 2012 Leaf will include quick charging and cold weather features and will be available in the Southeastern US and Illinois. The car is already on sale in a number of US states and more will follow this fall. The 2012 Leaf starts at 35,000 dollars with montly leases starting at 370.

Cisco plans to slash 6500 jobs as part of cost cutting measures. Cisco plans to focus its business and reduce operating expenses by about a billion dollars per year. The layoffs include both executive and their regular full time workforce. The company also announced it will transfer a set-top-box manufacturing facility in Mexico to Taiwan.  Affected employees get the word the first week of August.  

Google+ this week has come to the iPhone. Just like it's counterpart website, the app includes circles, streams and the huddle message group feature. The service, which launched earlier this month has already reached 10 million users according to Google CEO Larry Page.  It's unclear whether an iPad app will be avaialble.

Speaking of iPads imagine seeing an iPad2 retail for 70 or 180 bucks.  Sears.com featured two iPad 2 models at these astounding prices on its website. The third-party seller GSM On Sale is part of Sears’ Marketplace program which allows companies to sell their product on Sears’ website.  The error was caught quickly and a brief apology was posted.  Customers who purchased either of the products order’s were cancelled and accounts credited.