Apple has unveiled a minimalist iOS 7 banner and an equally simple OS X banner at its WWDC 2013 venue ahead of the event's keynote on Monday. The banners confirm iOS 7 and a new version of OS X will be shown off at the conference next week, and also indicate that the rumours that the new version of iOS will have a flatter redesign are true.

The iOS 7 banner features a simple '7' on a white background - a much cleaner banner than the iOS 6 banner Apple used for the event last year, while the OS X banner, which we currently assume is for OS X 10.9, shows a thin white 'X' against a wave-filled background.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that the company's design guru Jonny Ive has been 'key' in the development of iOS 7, fuelling the rumours that the future of iOS will be skeuomorphism-free. See: iOS 7 to be 'very, very flat'

Apple has also installed several other banners and an enormous Apple logo at the Moscone Center this week, where WWDC 2013 is set to kick of on Monday.

In addition to iOS 7 and OS X 10.9, we also expect Apple to unveil new Macs at WWDC next week.

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We will be bringing you all of the latest news from the conference here at Macworld UK, so stay tuned next week to find out more. 

[Via Macstories and AppleInsider]

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