A month ago today, Apple launched its standalone podcast app and already it's received an update, after receiving a mere two and a half star rating, with many customers only giving the app one star.

When the app was launched, it was prone to freezing, crashing and often failed to sync. The updated version of the app, simply named 'Podcasts', was available from yesterday afternoon, as noted by AllThingsD, and Apple claim version 1.0.1 provides a number of improvements, including better performance and stability and some extra but not essential features for users such as podcasts in the library now showing the number of unplanned episodes, and playback speed being remembered for the next episode.

The new version has currently received 202 ratings but is still at a 2 and a half star rating, extremely low for an Apple made app. One reviewer posted "The new Version 1.0.1 does not fix anything…Apple, get a real programmer to fix this!" Another user simply said, "Update is worthless!"

The app is free and available for iPod and iPad, so why not download it for yourself and see whether you think the half-marks rating is fair.