The popular education app, iTunes U, has been updated to version 1.2.

New features allow the user to make notes while watching lectures or listening to them, and enables search of these at a later date. Students can also search any materials in any of their subscribed courses, such as posts and assignments.

Users can now easily share their favourite courses using Messages, Mail or Twitter, part of Apple’s efforts to be more ‘social’. Other interaction amongst users can be between teacher and student, inviting them privately to subscribe to special or specific courses. Also now any teacher can sign up to have courses distributed via the iTunes U platform.

iTunes U can boast the world's largest catalogue of free education content with 500,000 completely free lectures, videos, books and resources from universities, school and libraries in 26 different countries.

On the App Store, iTunes U has a rating of four and a half stars and one user describes the new update simply as, "Awesome! One of the best apps out there".