Apple's keen to settle the legal case with Greenlight Capital, who wants the company to release more cash to investors, as soon as possible.

A US District Court judge has agreed to bring forward the Apple Greenlight case so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible, ideally before the shareholder meeting on 27 February.

Greenlight's David Einhorn is suing Apple in order to block a proposal that is due to be voted on in at the shareholder meeting.

Einhorn says that if shareholders vote for Proposal 2 Apple will be never be able to issue preferred stock, a scheme he is pitching for Apple to adopt.

Apple issued a statement in response saying that the Proposal will only stop the blocking of such moves without shareholder agreement.

This is all part of Einhorn's scheme to get more return to investors, he believes Apple should return more of their $137 billion in the bank to investors in the form of preferred stock that will pay a 4% dividend to those who own it.

The judge has asked both Apple and Greenlight to appear for oral arguments on 19 February, writes Reuters.

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