Amongst the ten jurors selected to decide the outcome of the Apple versus Samsung case are an insurance agent, an unemployed video game enthusiast, and a project manager for AT&T.

There is also a store operations manager, a systems engineer and a payroll manager and consultant.

Of the ten three are women and seven are men, writes Cult of Mac.

The ten jurors were selected from a pool of people called in to the US District Courthouse in San Jose, California.

The jurors had been asked a series of questions covering their choice of mobile phone, how the economic downturn has affected them, their experience with legal systems, and whether they are connected with either Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola Mobility (acquired by Google). It is also likely that potential jurors who had already been following the case in the media, and those with strong views on Apple, Samsung or the US patent system, were excluded.

Many of the jurors admitted that they had read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, but Judge Lucy Koh ruled that this wouldn't affect their ability to be impartial, despite Jobs remarks about Android. 

Removals from the jury pool included a man who owned 120 patents.


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