Apple is promising big news tomorrow, asking customers to "check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes". 

The ad is currently running on the and home pages and is showing the time of the announcement for New York, California, London and Tokyo, suggesting that the news will be relevant in those places at least. The ad can also be seen on the Australian and Canadian Apple home pages, but not Germany, France or other European countries (which may be because a translation is necessary before the ad goes live). 

Often iTunes related news is available in the US first, later becoming available in the UK and elsewhere. It looks like this time the news will definitely apply in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. 

As for what the news might be, we have the following suggestions: 

  • The launch of iOS 4.2 (this is expected to happen tomorrow, but everyone knows what's coming in iOS 4.2: printing, multitasking on the iPad... We think there must be something more to warrant this announcement.) 
  • Apple is rolling out a music streaming service made possible by their acquisition of Lala last year
  • Apple has bought (LastFM) (Spotify) (Insert company name here)
  • The Beatles is coming to iTunes 
  • Apple is going to build physical iTunes Stores on the high street following the success of the Apple Store

Tune in tomorrow at 3pm UK time to find out.