Apple has been granted even more new patents. This time, the US Patent and Trademark Office has published 27 new patents, involving the Apple TV, new icons, the camera on iOS devices, the iPod’s user interface and more.

Patently Apple reports that Apple has been granted a major patent for the iPod user interface.

“In a portable multimedia device, a method, apparatus and system for providing user supplied configuration data are described,” reads Apple’s patent Abstract. “In one embodiment, a hierarchically ordered graphical user interface is provided. A first order, or home, interface provides a highest order of user selectable items each of which, when selected, results in an automatic transition to a lower order user interface associated with the selected item. In one of the described embodiments, the lower order interface includes other user selectable items associated with the previously selected item from the higher order user interface.”

The patent, which was filed back in 2002 and is the second granted patent for this technology, lists Steve Jobs as one of the inventors.

The second major iPod related patent published yesterday relates to the iPod media player system, says Patently Apple’s report.

The patent covers a docking station that lets a media player to communicate with other media devices, a wireless media player system, a method or wirelessly connecting a hand held media player to another device, and a connector for the media system.

Apple was also granted a design patent for the iPod’s scroll wheel (not to be confused with the newer Touch Wheel). Steve Jobs is also credited as an inventor on this patent, along with Jony Ive.

A patent for the layout and various icons on the iPad was also granted to Apple. This includes the Game Center icon, a Nike + iPod icon, and one that may relate to Keynote, says Patently Apple. The packaging of the iPad was also covered by one of the patents, as well as the design of the Apple TV.

Apple won a camera related patent, which covers the camera on iOS devices, particularly how the camera determines exposure settings when taking photographs.

Among the remaining patents are:

Microphone proximity detection

Methods and systems for managing data

Playback of compressed media files without quantization gaps

Vented in-the-ear headphone

Disk drive with state information data buffer