Apple swept the floor at the prestigious One Show Design awards in the US, taking six awards in total.

The awards are sometimes referred to as the "Oscars of the advertising industry", and took place on 12 July.

The awards are the brainchild of One Club, an organisation devoted to excellence in creative advertising. The president of One Club, Kevin Swanepoel, spent "several years working as a creative director at Apple, notes MacNN.

The judges panel also included an Apple connected individual: Alan Dye, who works at Apple.

Other judges included: Bob Dinetz of Bob Dinetz Design; Garrick Hamm, Williams Murray Hamm; Sally Morrow, Sandstrom Design; Paulina Reyes, Kate Spade; Missy Wilson, Move Lab and Pamela Zucker, Principle.

Apple received the following awards:

iPod nano: Gold pencil for design;
iPod HiFi: Silver pencil for design;
iPod shuffle: Bronze pencil for design;
Mac Pro: Bronze pencil for design;
Apple Camp: Bronze pencil for corporate identity;
SoHo Posters: Silver pencil for posters and campaigns.