Apple has been granted 22 new patents, adding to the 27 won by the company last week. The patents include a 3D Apple TV remote and a way to extend battery life in iOS devices.

Apple has been granted a patent for a futuristic 3D Apple TV remote control. Patently Apple reports that the device, also referred to as a ‘wand,’ could include motion detection, and/or a touchscreen that can detect gestures. The remote control patent could add evidence to speculation that Apple is working on its own HDTV.

iOS devices could have a mini electromagnetic induction system built-in, extending the battery life of the device. This means that if an iPad, iPhone or iPod user shakes the device, or keeps it with them when they walk or run, the movement can be used to generate power.

Future Apple devices could get their power through electromagnetic induction, reveals another of Apple’s newly granted patents.

Among the 22 new patents granted to Apple were three major hardware design patents. These patents, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, cover the iMac, Cinema Display and MacBook Air.

A separate patent won by Apple relates to displaying digital images on a display, namely the iPad, says Patently Apple. This incorporates several linked patents for ‘Displaying Digital Images using Groups, Stacks, and Version Sets,” and “Viewing Digital Images on a Display Using a Virtual Loupe”. The patent means that Apple’s Photo app’s methodology and appearance on the iPad is now protected from competitors, including the expandable stacks used to group photographs.

Patently Apple lists the remaining patents, which include:

User interface for presenting media information

Remote slide presentation

Method and apparatus for simplifying the decoding of data

Selective composite rendering

Backlight control of electronic device

Methods and systems for forming a dual layer housing

Audio connector control system