Apple's move into the consumer electronics market is a living nightmare for incumbents in that space, a recent opinion piece states.

Writing on the Streaming Magazine website, Damien Stolarz notes that Apple's move to abandon the 'Computer' from its name and its Macworld Expo introduction of the iPhone and Apple TV are just the first fruit of the company's push into consumer electronics.

Calling the strategy behind the iPhone launch "typical Apple", he writes: "Consumer electronics manufacturers now realise that Apple is their new worst nightmare, the sleeping giant who can rumble in several years late to the party, look around, and drop an atom bomb on the market segment."

He also notes the success of the iPod and iTunes killer punch in digital music. He also dismisses the notion that Apple is competing with smartphones, that's not the case, he warns, "Apple is competing with phones, period."

Apple isn't competing with digital music niche providers, he adds, but with high-street retailers: the company isn't seeking a long-tail plan, but market dominance, he warns.