Apple has had a busy 2013. We've seen the release of the iPad AirRetina iPad miniiPhone 5s and iPhone 5c as well as the launch of a new Mac Pro and an update to the iMacRetina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We've also seen new software from the company, including iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Here, we recap Apple's February. 

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An incredible milestone

February saw Apple pass an incredible milestone in its digital media sales.

Apple set a new record selling its 25th billionth song on the iTunes store. The song was 'Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix)' by Chase Buch, and was purchased by Philip Lüpke in Germany. The user received a €10,000 iTunes gift card.

Mac Pro discontinued

New Mac Pro

February also saw the beginning of a saga that would fixate us throughout the year: the new Mac Pro. In February Apple stopped selling the previous model, in the first step towards the new Mac Pro launch that we saw this month.

Sued by its own stockholder

On a (sort of) romantic note, Apple celebrated Valentine's Day by making a $2.5 billion dividend payment to shareholders - but not everyone was happy.

Apple was hit with another lawsuit from Brian Grainick, a Pennsylvania stockholder who was not pleased with the way the company decides what it will pay its executives. No details are disclosed of how these payments are determined.

Accused of environmental vandalism

A more serious allegation was levelled at Apple in February: Friends of the Earth accused the Cupertino company of "trashing tropical forests and coral reefs" in Indonesia. The eco organisation expressed concern about the use of tin (in the form of solder) used in the iPad and iPhone. Around a third of the world’s tin is mined on the Indonesian islands of Bangka and Belitung, according to Friends of the Earth, and this exacts a heavy toll on the local ecosystem.

(Mind you, the organisation also said the same thing about Samsung.)

Polluted Chinese river

Apple also faced green anger in February when one of its suppliers was accused of polluting the above Chinese river so badly that it turned milk-white.

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Maps gets burned again

One of Apple's most unpopular releases of recent times, Maps, hit the headlines again - for the wrong reasons, again - in February. Australian fire authorities had used the service as the basis for their FireReady app, which was supposed to help tourists and locals alike to avoid areas affected by bushfires, and blamed it for the inaccuracies that afflicted the lifesaving app.

Australia bushfires

"CFA will continue to raise its concerns with Apple Australia, and so should users experiencing the issue," said a spokesman for the Country Fire Authority. "We would advise FireReady app users with iOS 6 installed on their devices to disregard Apple Maps township locations and instead focus on the street names and the location of incidents and warnings in relation to their GPS location."

The passcode hack worries iPhone users

iPhone users got a fright in February, when a hacker announced that a bug in iOS 6.1 allowed attackers to bypass a passcode.

In fact, the flaw was largely the same as a bug that had been observed in Apple's iPhone operating system for years, but that didn't make it any less of a worry.

The ebook price-fixing row

February also saw legal shenanigans related to alleged price-fixing in the ebook market; in mid-February Apple became the last man standing as the other accused companies settled with the US Department of Justice. In July a judge would rule against Apple in the case.

A Blue Peter badge for Jony Ive

In case you think the month was a downer for Apple, our last story from February is a heartwarming one. Sir Jony Ive, Apple's senior vice-president of design, appeared on the children's TV show Blue Peter, where he talked about young viewers' entries to a design competition and was then given a gold Blue Peter badge.

Jony Ive on Blue Peter

If you can't tell already, Jony Ive is brilliant.

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