Photographs of Apple's rumoured smaller dock connector USB cable have been leaked as we approach the iPhone 5's expected unveiling, revealing that the connector could be as small as a Micro USB.

French blog published the photographs over the weekend, showing the connector, which is expected to be a 9-pin format rather than the current 30-pin connector found in iOS devices, compared with a Micro USB plug.

It is believed that Apple will introduce the smaller dock connector with the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, and will roll out the new design in its future iOS products, including the widely speculated iPad mini.

Sources have said that the new connector will have eight exposed pins within a metal shell, which will act as the ninth pin. This design will no longer require users to ensure that the connector is the right way up, as with MacBook's MagSafe connectors.

It is likely that Apple will unveil its iPhone 5 on Wednesday at a special event, which the company sent out official invitations for last week.

Apple has now decorated the front of the event's location in San Francisco with a colourful banner that appears to have been created by stretching iOS icons.

[Via Apple Insider]

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