Apple's annual shareholder meeting has a date, Steve Jobs's life gets the whiz-bang comic book treatment, and Kodak takes on Apple and HTC in the courts.

Apple to Hold Annual Shareholder Meeting Feb. 23 (The Mac Observer)

The Apple shareholder meeting is set for February 23, and I'm on the edge of my seat. Will Apple reelect its board of directors? Will shareholders overrule Apple's recommendation and vote for a proposal requiring the company to divulge its political contributions?

Will Tim Cook resist pulling the big lever that opens the trapdoor beneath Infinite Loop's auditorium? Maybe this will at least be the year that Phil Schiller finally gets to do his soft-shoe routine.

Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple (Barnes and Noble)

We first brought you word of the Steve Jobs comic book in June of last year, but now you can read Bluewater Productions's graphic novel in digital format. I just hope it's not another origin story--there's only so many times you can read about Jobs being bitten by a radioactive Hewlett-Packard 9100A.

Eastman Kodak sues Apple over four and HTC over five digital imaging patents (FOSS Patents)

The once proud Eastman Kodak is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, but that doesn't mean it can't launch a lawsuit or two. Its latest filings include one against Apple, alleging that Cupertino's iPad and iPhone lines violate four patents on digital imaging. But Kodak is also suing HTC--with whom Apple is already engaged in a legal battle.

Patent expert Florian Mueller suggests the two smartphone makers will take a break from their spat to deal with Kodak. It's a little bit like L.A. Confidential, except without quite as many square jaws.

Product News:

Google+ - Google's updated its social networking client for iPhone, adding the ability to start a video Hangout from Messenger, a new photos UI, and bug fixes. Free.