Glassdoor, a website that allows employees to rate how well they think their management is doing, has released information compiled directly from employees at Apple’s campus in Cupertino.

The information reveals that Tim Cook has an impressive approval rating of 93%, rising one per cent since last year's ratings were announced. This ranks Cook just behind former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who held a 97% approval rating before he died in October 2011.

Glassdoor also released a few comments from employees working in Cupertino. They describe Cook as: “A CEO who demands work before 6 a.m. everyday," and "accountability without control." Another read: “no work/life balance is to be expected at Apple,” with management at Apple apparently expecting employees to be reachable after hours if necessary.

Either way, it comes as good news for Apple’s Tim Cook, following a recent campaign that aimed to brand the CEO as a poor choice to run the company. Doug Kass, an investment manager, went as far as to question: “is Apple’s Tim Cook… Cooked?”

Nonetheless, after being hired by Steve Jobs in 1998 to turn around Apple’s global operations, Cook has played an instrumental part in managing the companies ability to build and ship products to be sent around the world.

Apple recently set new records in its quarterly revenues and profits, and the employees at Apple clearly appreciate this, in their commending of Cook.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all good news for Apple’s CEO. Glassdoor also recently released its latest report of the year’s top 50 highest-rated CEOs, with Mark Zuckerberg dethroning Tim Cook from his prestigious first place slot.

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