According to Apple chairman Art Levinson the past 16 months at Apple have been "weird".

Levison was describing his experience running Apple's board of directors since the death of Apple's late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

He told students at Stanford's Graduate School of Business: "I'm still not to the point where I walk into that boardroom and don't miss Steve."

He described Jobs, who was a close friend, as: "A one of a kind guy," revealing that: "The Steve Jobs that was in the public eye was not, for the most part, the Steve Jobs that I knew."

Levinson also admitted that he started, but has so far failed to finish reading Jobs' biography, writes Fortune.

He described the most recent financial results announced by Apple as "phenomenal." Apple reported $13.1 billion in profit and $54.5 billion in revenues – a better quarter than any other company and yet analysts were still disappointed. Apple's so called 'disappointing' quarter doesn't look so disappointing when viewed in relation to the most profitable US companies. Apple made profits of $13.1b in the quarter compared to Exxon Mobile ($10b), Microsoft ($6.4b), IBM ($5.8b), Proctor & Gamble ($4.1b), and General Electric ($4b), as reported by Statista.

Levinson added: "There [are] long-term signs of how a company is doing and whether or not Apple sells 47 or 48 million iPhones - let somebody else worry about that," he said.

As for the board's influence at Apple, Levinson explained: "The board is not there to define product specs. It's there as a sounding board. It's there as a resource. And ultimately, the board is there to hire and fire the CEO."

Levinson, former CEO of biotech company Genentech, took over the chairmanship of Apple's board, filling the role that Apple founder Steve Jobs vacated when he died in October 2011.

Levinson had been a "co-lead director" of Apple's board since 2005 and has served on the committees for audit and finance, nominating and corporate governance, and compensation, the company said.

Levinson was interviewed in front of an audience of students by Stanford student Vicki Slavina.

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