Apple makes more money in its App Store than Google does on its Google Play store because people are happier about spending money on apps they know have been vetted by Apple, according to an app developer.  

DLP Mobile app developer Zak Tanjeloff told Wired: "The App Store has a higher proportion of quality apps, thanks to the approval process. That means developers can, and have, charged more for their apps."

He notes that iOS offers a "safe community that people trust"

People are also used to the App Store’s payment process based on "years of iTunes downloads."

On the other hand, the Android store offers "no guarantee of quality or safety," he says, adding that: "There’s a lot of counterfeiting."

A recent report from mobile app analytics firm App Annie showed that, while revenues for iOS apps are still four times higher than those of Android apps, the gap is beginning to close, however.

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