Apple's App Store anniversary promotion saw Infinity Blade II, which was being given away free as part of the promotion, downloaded almost 6 million times within a week.

Last week, Apple gave away five games and five apps free to celebrate the App Store's 5th birthday. One of those games was Infinity Blade II, which was downloaded 5.7 million times in the space of seven days, it has been revealed. That's three times more downloads than the game normally gets in a week.

Laura Mustard, publicist for Infinity Blade II developer Chair Entertainment, told All Things D that 1.7 million of those downloads occurred on the first day of Apple's promotion.

While the promotion meant that those 5.7 million new players were able to download the £4.99 game for free, the success of the give away could still pay off for its developers.

Players can buy virtual currency for the game, for example. The top in-app purchase is a bag of 150,000 Gold, which costs £2.99.

In addition, Mustard noted that the first Infinity Blade game, which costs £3.99 from the iOS App Store, was downloaded 2.5 times more during the promotion week compared to the week before, while the game's accompanying £1.99 eBook, Infinity Blade: Awakening, saw a 70 per cent increase in sales.

[Edit: Chair has since launched the sequel to the game, Infinity Blade III.]

Other apps involved in Apple's promotion include Where's My Water, Badland, Tiny Wings and Traktor DJ.

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