Apple appeared to be having problems with its servers again.

Yesterday evening the iCloud servers were down leading "Some" users to experience iMessage and FaceTime outages.

According to Apple's System status notes, "Users were unable to use iMessage" and "Users may have been unable to place FaceTime calls".

Both services are not up and running as of 12.41am this morning, according to Apple. 

While UK users weren't particularly affected, due to the timing of the outage, in the US, however, users were without the services for much of Sunday afternoon, according to Macworld US. Some US users were affected from Sunday morning.

Earlier last week there were some issues for users trying to upgrade their storage. On the 17 November Apple noted that "Users may have been unable to complete storage upgrade payment transactions".

All issues have now been rectified, however, these outages appear to be common place. The UK iTunes Store was offline at the end of October, along with iMessage and other cloud service outages, including FaceTime and Game Centre, affecting users globally.

Apple also had an iMessage outage in September and a iCloud, App Store and FaceTime issue in August. The iCloud servers are located at Apple's North Carolina data centre

You can check the system status of iCloud here.

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