iOS 6 became available to download on Wednesday, and with it came Apple’s brand new Maps app. Unfortunately, the new addition hasn’t gone down too well, and many iOS users are desperate to get Google’s Map app back.

 “Apple’s Maps is hugely inferior to Google’s. The lack of Street View is a big loss and 3D only works in city centres,” Lee Jones told us on Twitter.

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Some users have found that you can’t get up close with certain areas, others are in black and white, and many buildings are obscured by clouds.

“Bring back Google Maps!,” said Rob Blackburn. “These maps simply don’t work very well.”

“Maps app is the weak point of iOS 6,” Athol Forbes Tweeted. “Lower res, poor business info and poor choice of colours. Need a Google Maps app!”

“Apple Maps, er, what’s the word?... stink,” wrote Purbrookian. “Google infinitely superior.”

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Those still using older models of the iPhone miss out on some of the new features Apple’s Maps brings, such as 3D Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation.

“Maps disappointing on iPhone 4. Similar to first iteration of Google iOS Maps. Still getting pixelation on zooming, unexpectedly,” said Nick Blakely.

Many users have noticed inaccuracies in Apple’s Maps app, including missing train stations and relocated landmarks. Woolworths, which has long been shut down, seems to have been resurrected in Bethnal Green, according to Apple’s Maps. A 35-acre farm has also been listed as an airfield by Apple.

Other inaccuracies include missing and relocated towns, and buildings in the middle of rivers.

“Knightsbridge (London Underground) – and the ones that are present don’t have clearly identifiable symbols/nice roundels,” wrote Luke Bacon.

“New Maps app is terrible. 25000 seat Madesjski stadium in Reading is now, apparently, a terraced house on Carnarvon street.” Monceratorum tweeted.

There are some iOS users that have warmed to Apple’s Maps app. Paul Rees said: “I like it. Good traffic alerts. People say it doesn’t have enough info but I think Google Maps was too crowded!”

John Thompson also prefers Apple’s Maps app to Google’s offering: “Live traffic updates are brilliant. Free navigation was the one thing missing in iOS 5.”

“I’ve found a few things by zooming in further. Bank station appeared to be missing but was there when I pinched in far enough,” said Stephen Darlington.

Matt Morris tweeted: “I think I prefer Google Maps for detail but accept Apple’s will improve.”

“I like Apple Maps more… Don’t know why but I consider them more user-friendly,” said Oleg Baranovskyi.

“Apple Maps work well for me in Surrey & London, I like it… it’s just different and it takes a bit of getting used to,” Ron Mackintosh tweeted.

A fake iOS 6 Maps twitter account, which was swiftly removed by Twitter, tweeted several parody images such as this one:

It’s not just Twitter that’s been flooded with complaints about the new Maps app. Expert reviewers from across the globe have

Macworld contributor Kirk McElhearn wrote on his blog: “Up until yesterday, I would often use the Maps app on my iPhone to find my way, among some of the smaller streets in the town where I’ve only lived since the beginning of the year. But now, when I look at the Maps app, I can’t even see the smaller streets.”

“This is a huge step backward,” he continues. “I hope that Google releases an app of their own, allowing users to access their better-designed maps.”

Gizmodo describes Apple’s new 3D Maps as “an apocalyptic horror show.”

“Much of Apple’s map data is out of date, inaccurate, low resolution and incomplete,” said the Independent’s Alex Masters.

The Wall Street Journal said: “Apple said that the new Maps “changes the way you see the world.” So far, we don’t see much.”

Boy Genius Reports writes: “Sadly, Apple’s new Maps app is still awful… an unsightly blemish on what is otherwise a beautiful OS, Apple’s new Maps application is enraging users.”

So far, more 50 per cent of the respondents to our poll want Google Maps back, and 12.5 per cent have decided not to update to iOS 6 to avoid Apple’s Maps app. You can vote in our poll by visiting the Macworld homepage.

You can read our hands on with Apple’s Maps app here.

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