A new survey has found that Apple's iOS devices are the most popular gadgets at the top of kids' Christmas lists this year.

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Research conducted by Nielson found that about half of children aged 6 to 12 in the US would like a full size iPad, up from 44 per cent last year, while 36 per cent expressed interest in the new iPad mini.

The iPod touch was on 36 per cent of the children's lists, while 33 per cent of the respondents want an iPhone.

Also popular is the new Nintendo Wii U, which 39 per cent of the kids said that they wanted to buy within the next six months, and 31 per cent expressed interest in the Kinect for Xbox 360. Interestingly, 29 per cent of the respondents said that they want a tablet that is not made by Apple.

Meanwhile consumers aged 13 plus also put Apple's full size iPad at the top of their list, with 21 per cent saying they are interested in getting one within the next six months. That's down from 24 per cent last year, though. Apple's iPad mini was much less popular among the teenagers and adults, with just 11 per cent of the respondents saying they wanted one.

A computer was second with 19 per cent and a tablet other than the iPad third with 18 per cent expressing interest.

"Reinforcing the notion that the tablet market is the one to watch, non-Apple devices – led by Amazon's Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy offerings – proved nearly as desirable as the iPad among teens and adults, while e-readers showed a slight decline in interest from 2011," Nielson observed.

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