In 2010 Jobs called up Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman and told him not to sell his company to Google.

The revelation, which demonstrates just how angry late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was with Google, comes in a profile of the Yelp CEO, published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jobs, who famously said he would go thermonuclear on Google, was prepared to go out of his way to make sure that the company behind Android didn't get what it wanted.

Jobs called Stoppelman to warn him not to accept Google’s offer to buy his company. Stoppelman recalls that Jobs advised him to "stay independent and not sell out to Google."

Stoppelman, who had already turned down Google’s offer, admitted that the call from Jobs came as a big surprise to him. He said: "It was a moment where I said, 'This is crazy. What just happened?'"

Google is said to have offered more than half a billion dollars for Yelp. Two years later, Yelp has a market cap of well over $1 billion, notes Business Insider. Apple and Yelp have gone on to work closely together, with Apple adding Yelp's local listings to the new iOS 6 mapping application along with Yelp check-ins. Users will be able to see Yelp reviews along with restaurant information to advise users which meal to choose.


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