Apple CEO Steve Jobs had another setback this week in his quest to build a new home in Woodside, a report claims.

As previously reported, Jobs owns a mansion in Woodside (just outside San Francisco). He has been attempting to secure permission to have the house knocked down, but has been prevented so far by local conservationists and the Woodside Town Council.

Constructed in 1925, the house is a rare example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Jobs thinks it's a travesty of design.

Jobs acqiured the place in 1984 and lived there for nearly a decade. It has been vacant since 2000, during which time it has deteriorated.

The Woodside Town Council granted him a permit to demolish and rebuild in 2001. Local conservationists opposed the plan in San Mateo County Court. A Judge took their side, and Jobs launched an appeal at the First District Court.

That appeal was rejected by the First District Court yesterday, however, the court did say Jobs wouldn't be required to make good on the deterioration.

Discussions are taking place to have the house preserved, but moved to another location.