Steve Jobs’ home in Palo Alto has been burgled.  

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Tom Flatteryn told Contra Costa Times that the house owned by the late Apple CEO was burgled on 17 July and more than $60,000 worth of computers and personal items were stolen.

The suspect, 35 year old Kariem McFarlin, is in custody and could face a maximum prison sentence of seven years and eight months.

It doesn’t appear that the property was targeted because of its high profile resident. "The best we can tell is it was totally random," said Flattery.

2101 Waverley Street, Palo Alto, is described as “twee” and “relatively modest”. The house was undergoing renovations back in July, and according to reports at the time Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs and her children had moved out. 

Renovation happening at 'wrong' Steve Jobs house