Apple is looking for security professionals to protect undisclosed prototypes of iPhones and iPads during field tests

A strange job posting from Apple appeared lately on LinkedIn. The position is listed as "Field Technician", but a closer look at the job description and required skills leaves no doubts on the kind of person Apple is looking for: a body guard to look over the latest prototypes of iPhones and iPads during field tests. 

After the usual lab testing, every model of cellular phone and tablet with 3/4G connection have to be tested on the field, in real-life working conditions, connecting to the cellular networks of the different mobile operators. 

To avoid leaks on the product details by snooping journalist or competitors looking for juicy details, or -- God forbids -- prevent the prototype to get stolen or lost (forgot in a pub perhaps?), a Close Protection professional is obviously the best bet. 

The desired candidate must have and advanced driving license and safe driving skills, experience in the security field and, if possible, a Close Protection License issued by the Security Industry Authority or country equivalent (the job posting we spotted was for a position in Milan, Italy)

What is so valuable to be protected like a state president? The posting is clear about that: "undisclosed prototypes" that have to be guarded and managed according to "Apple's strict policies and guidelines". 

If you meet the requirements and are willing to move to Milan, have a look at the job posting on LinkedIn here (in english). 

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