Apple's resurgence continues, with the company among the top five biggest-selling laptop and desktop computer manufacturers by US marketshare in March 2007.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is the fourth-largest manufacturer of laptops in the US, seizing 9.9 per cent of the market by unit share there.

Apple also appeared as the fifth-biggest desktop computer brand, with a 7.7 per cent share, though beaten by eMachines, who tool 16.4 per cent of the market.

iPod sales also remain strong: the company dominates here as first place vendor with 68.9 per cent of the market, according to the figures from The NPD Group, as reported by Bloomberg.

Second place in the MP3 player segment went to Sandisk (11.2 per cent); third to Creative (3.6 per cent) with Microsoft's Zune taking fourth place with 2.5 per cent marketshare.

Given Apple's focus on direct sales through its online store, the company may have performed better than these results claim.The NPD Group's figures are for physical retail sales alone, they don't include direct sales or sales through giant supermarket chain, WalMart.