Rather than deny that the iPhone 5 is getting scratched, or, as Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs might have done, claimed that customers are using them the wrong way (as Jobs did with antennagate), Apple’s VP of Marketing Phil Schiller has defended scratches on the iPhone 5 as being “normal”.

In an email to a customer, obtained by 9to5Mac, Schiller said: "Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver colour. That is normal."

Last Friday, on the day the iPhone 5 launched, we reported claims that the black iPhone 5 is easy to scratch. It is claimed that the black slate covering wears off easily, making the model look scratched or scuffed.

Scratched iPhone

Some reports are claiming that some new iPhones are turning up scratched. Customers took to Twitter to report that some iPhone 5 models were cosmetically damaged straight out of the box.

Other issues with the iPhone 5 have also emerged including an issue with WiFi on the iPhone 5

We have also seen reports claiming that the iPhone 5 can get “too hot to hold comfortably”. A blogger claims: “The phone felt very warm after using it for about 30 minutes to move icons around, check email, browse the Web, and test a few apps. In fact, it became uncomfortably warm. I could not remember my iPhone 4 or iPad 2 becoming this warm from what I considered normal use.” That blogger identified two items in Apple’s support forums discussing the hot iPhone 5.   

Hot iPhone

The iPhone 5 is also such hot property that it is becoming a target for thieves.

In London 252 iPhones were stolen from an O2 shop before the device even went on sale.

A Bloomberg report claims that the theft of Apple products has grown faster than any other crime. According to that report NYPD police were on hand to help iPhone 5 owners register them on Friday when the phone went on sale. “About 1,500 phones were registered with the assistance of police officers,” according to a police spokesman. 

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